18 May 2017

Vegan Tinted Lip Balm Review

Lip balm is one of those cant live without products for me. One in my handbag. Check. In the car. Check. On my bedside table. Check. Countless coat pockets. Check. In the fridge(I know). Check. You can imagine my delight when this new launch from Weleda landed on my desk.   

8 May 2017

6 Beauty Steps I CBA To Do

1. Removing cellulite
Because even Beyonce has it.
2. Getting rid of arm hair
I can't be bothered to shave my legs let alone my arms. Plus they keep me warm in the Winter.
3. Moisturising my cuticles
Twice a day? You're having a laugh.
4. Applying neck cream
The moisturiser I use on my face is good enough for my neck, stop trying to make me spend more money.
5. Using a face toner
RIP to the 3 step skincare routine

Which beauty step are you too busy to tackle?

4 May 2017

Is Your Postcode Killing Your Career?

My very first job provided me with the shortest commute (a three-minute drive) from a big house with the cheapest rent (thanks Mum). I swapped rural Dorest, famous for its sandy beaches and OAPs, for London - famous for having everything else. Including extortionate house prices.

Nearly two skint years on, house and rent prices are continuing to rocket through the roof and my chances of becoming a home-owner before 50 are quickly fading away. My boyfriend and I decided to invest more in our mental health than a property we didn't own.We said no to £6.40 Mocha's. No to £900 monthly rent on our small one bed flat. No to expensive, and unreliable, train journeys. We aren't the only ones being outpriced from London, many others are flocking from the capital to more affordable regions of the UK. From June 2014 to June 2015, more people (77,500 in total) left London than anywhere else.

Both of us are creative types so after some research we settled on Bristol. It has everything we want; affordable office space, regular festivals and events, great food and most importantly, cheaper rent. In September 2016, the average property in Bristol cost £272k. That's £210k cheaper than London's average. In greater London we could afford a small, damp one bed flat but in Bristol we can get a luxury apartment which is still £100 cheaper! It's a no-brainer.

London once loomed large as the place to be to get ahead in your career. While the capital still has plenty of opportunities, it now has more competition. Why not explore the rest of the country before committing. Manchester, Cambridge and Brighton are just a few popular places where ex-londoners have been emigrating to. Your next career move is no longer already mapped out.

2 May 2017

How to get silver hair at home

Well hello there. It's been a while since I posted hasn't it? I have a number of lame excuses but mainly a) my full time job and long commute was very time demanding and b) eating a sheep's brain became more appealing than swatching another lipstick. I thought taking a little time off rather than try to force anything would be the best thing to do. Weird when you loose your blogging mojo isn't it? Anyway, I'm back up and raring to go. I'm unsure what direction I see this blog going as I've changed a lot since it started in 2011 but I'm excited for a fresh start!

I almost want to start off this post with a *don't try this at home disclaimer* as this is the hardest hair transformation I've ever done. If you're feeling brave and prepared to go cold-turkey on heat styling please continue..
I instantly fell in love with the silver hair trend. The unnaturalness of grey hair on a young face was memorizing and I had to have it. Always one for DIY beauty I researched how to get the look at home and came across countless failed attempts but I was not to be put off. #NoPainNoGain. 

Attempt number #1
After seeing a lot of good reviews I purchased the Colour Freedom Dye in Silver Grey along with the Bleach London Bleach kit. I found the bleaching process fairly easy but it did leave me with very brassy, Wotsit-coloured hair. After a couple of washes with the Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo (and staining my bath purple) I applied the Colour Freedom Dye, all on the same day. The end result was a light brown/grey shade that unfortunately not quite as Iris Apfel as I'd hoped.

Attempt #2 (four weeks later)
Round two of the bleaching and this time I was feeling a bit risky and went for something stronger. This again left my hair very brassy and I struggled to tone it using the Jerome Russell B Blonde White toner. My next move is something I still regret as I went and bleached my whole head again (why Kia, why?) to get it as computer-paper white as possible. As soon as I rinsed the bleach out I could feel a dramatic difference in the texture of my hair. Feeling like a bad beauty blogger I decided to leave my poor locks, it had suffered enough, and slathered my head in an overnight mask to recover.

Attempt #3
After my previous experience my poor over-bleached hair had been through enough stress. I didn't want to use any more bleach or dye so once again turned to my good friend Google for some advice. My research lead me to the Fudge Violet Toning Shampoo and thanks to Amazon prime I didn't have to wait long to fix my mess. After applying the shampoo all over and leaving it on for 15 minutes/checking the fridge to see if any new food had appeared I left the shower looking like Draco Malfoy - in a good way.

If my experience hasn't put you off  It's going to be hard work and a lot of maintenance but it is possible. Make sure our hair is in good condition to start with and treat yourself to a nourishing mask at least once a week. Good luck!

23 August 2016


I myself am oil obsessed. I slather the stuff on my hair, body, face, cuticles - just about everywhere and anywhere. In the morning I massage my skin with an oil cleanser which helps reduce puffiness. Post showering I'll apply an oil to damp hair and apply a lightweight oil all over my body.

I think one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding oils is that they make you breakout and are a no-go if you have oily skin. In truth, most oils actually work to regulate the over production of oils. They restore barrier function and help maintain skin elasticity and hydration. 

The inclusion of oils in my routine have never reached my shower. Usually my shower experience is purely functionally. We all lead such busy lives, bathing can seem like a chore. However the newest addition to my shower shelf has adjusted my mindset. It has made me question my speedy routine and helped me recognised that a shower can be one of the best things for your well-being. This past week I've been using my bathing time to clear my mind, recharge and refocus.

Massaging an oil gently into skin really helps me to relax and refresh. The new Dove Nourishing Shower Oil is enriched with Moroccan Argan oil which transform into a silky lather. The hints of bergamot in the fragrance are to die for. The oh so heavenly texture feels like a real treat, you can't help but saviour your shower. I thought baths were the optimum of relaxation but this takes the art of bathing to a whole new level. 

Dove Nourishing Care Shower Oil RRP £4.38 avilable here.
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