23 August 2016


I myself am oil obsessed. I slather the stuff on my hair, body, face, cuticles - just about everywhere and anywhere. In the morning I massage my skin with an oil cleanser which helps reduce puffiness. Post showering I'll apply an oil to damp hair and apply a lightweight oil all over my body.

I think one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding oils is that they make you breakout and are a no-go if you have oily skin. In truth, most oils actually work to regulate the over production of oils. They restore barrier function and help maintain skin elasticity and hydration. 

The inclusion of oils in my routine have never reached my shower. Usually my shower experience is purely functionally. We all lead such busy lives, bathing can seem like a chore. However the newest addition to my shower shelf has adjusted my mindset. It has made me question my speedy routine and helped me recognised that a shower can be one of the best things for your well-being. This past week I've been using my bathing time to clear my mind, recharge and refocus.

Massaging an oil gently into skin really helps me to relax and refresh. The new Dove Nourishing Shower Oil is enriched with Moroccan Argan oil which transform into a silky lather. The hints of bergamot in the fragrance are to die for. The oh so heavenly texture feels like a real treat, you can't help but saviour your shower. I thought baths were the optimum of relaxation but this takes the art of bathing to a whole new level. 

Dove Nourishing Care Shower Oil RRP £4.38 avilable here.

9 April 2016


Hello you! How are we all? I realise you are not in a position to answer me so I'm going to hope the answer is great, brilliant, couldn't be better. I swear it was Christmas last month. Any one else feel like this year is flying by? Nevertheless, I'm so glad Spring is here and the weather is warming up - roll on lighter evenings!

01. The lack of posts on here in 2016 is abysmal. Shame on me and thank you for sticking around. Since moving to London and getting my first 'proper' job at the end of last year I've really struggled with the whole work/life balance thing. I still read blogs daily and have become engrossed with instagram - @kiamakemeup

02. This month i'll be heading to Amsterdam for a short city break. I haven't been before but decided to book a visit for my Boyfriend's birthday. I have researched the best places to eat (priorities) and things to do but let me know if you have any recommendations.

03. I can't explain how happy I am to commute to work now the mornings are lighter. I love coming home to longer evenings and finally being able to turn the heating off. Being in a country that doesn't get a lot of sunshine makes you really grateful when it does appear.

04. After 9 months of being brunette I took the plunge and went back to my old blonde ways. I loved how low maintenance being a brunette is but it seemed to wash me out and make me look paler (how is that even possible?). This was not an easy process. The first bleaching attempt turned my hair a wotsit orange, oh man it was so bad, I can only apologize to all the hairdressers of the word who just vomited on their lap. After a dramatic rescue (thanks Mum) my locks look a lot less yellow. To keep the brassiness at bay I'm back on the silver shampoo. Pro: Voke Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo is my new best friend. And as my hair is now dryer than the Sahara desert I've been reaching for hair oil to lock in hydration, the L'oreal Extraordinary UV Filter Oil is a firm favourite.

What have you got planned for the month ahead?

10 January 2016

10 ideas for a happier,healthier 2016

1. Unsubscribe for all those junk marketing emails that clog up your inbox. It feels SO good not to have a mass of emails you never read.
2. Learn to cook something new. It's so rewarding to learn a new dish, maybe it will become your signature?
3. Get in touch with someone you lost contact with. Your best friend at school or maybe a family member you haven't spoken to in a while. Let someone know you're thinking about them. 
4. Go travelling. Explore a new country. If your budget doesn't allow you to why not visit a near by city? A change of scenery is always a good thing.
5. Make a playlist of all the songs that bring a smile to your face. Mine includes ELO - Mr Blue Sky and The Monkees - I'm a Believer; instant toe-tappers.
6. Treat yo self. It's often we put others before ourselves but today I want you to be a bit selfish and treat yourself to something you have been lusting after. 
7. Learn a new skill. With Google and YouTube there is no excuse not to learn something new. Teach yourself photography, a new language or maybe floristry. Never stop learning.
8. Tell someone you love them. Just because. 
9. Do something that scares you. Whether it's driving on the motorway, rock climbing or public speaking. Go out of your comfort zone and achieve something you never thought you would. You can do it and you will.
10. Do more of what makes you happy (unless it's illegal). 

Here's to a happier, healthier 2016! 

29 November 2015

Wear Less Makeup With These Skincare Oomphers

Gone are the days of me using face wipes and going sans moisturiser. My skincare routine has now matured. I love the idea of playing scientist in your bathroom; mixing and layering your favourite products. I'll research ingredients and read reviews before adding anything new to my routine. Below are a few skincare items I'll reach for when I want my skin to looks its best (everyday pls).

I love anything that promises to perk up my dull, lacklustre complexion. This gel-texture moisturiser from The Body Shop smoothes over skin beautifully. It absorbs quickly; mattifying the skin whilst giving you a subtle glow. The citrus scent also helps to perk me up during the dark mornings.This is the perfect base for makeup as it really helps to plump up and hydrate your complexion.

A delicious, indulgent evening treat for me is to use this little gem. Temple Spa is a brand I don't think gets enough love in the blogging world. I absolutely love the thick texture of this. I'll slather on a generous layer all over my face and leave on for 15 minutes. It's packed with incredible ingredients such as aubergine, cucumber and liquorice.The soothing formula is great for calming any redness and firming up your complexion. The results are immediate and it doesn't leave a greasy residue.

Serums are a daily part of my skincare routine. You know my love for products that aim to add radiance and this does just that. The Manuka Doctor Radiance Serum instantly illuminates skin without giving you an alien sheen.This includes natural ingredients such as Manuka Honey which does wonders for my skin as well as my breakfast.

Which product do you reach for to enhance your complexion without covering it? 

25 October 2015

How To Make The Most Of That Extra Hour

The autumnal nip is well and truly in the air.The more the temperature drops the more I find myself layering up my skincare as well as my knitwear. During the colder months I have to invest more TLC into my beauty routine to boost dehydrated skin. When hydration levels are low an extra few minutes spent pampering your skin can make a huge difference. Here are my top moisturisation tips to get you through the winter and help you make the most of that precious hour.

5 mins
Turn your bathroom into a spa-throom by lighting some cute tea lights or a beautifully scented candle. The low light gives the brain a message to relax.
5 mins
Before jumping in the shower take a few minutes to vigorously sweep a body brush up the arms, legs and back towards the heart. This stimulates lymphatic circulation, which helps to eliminate toxins effectively.
10 mins
A facial massage is my favourite way to relax. If you haven't tried it before, you're missing out. A 10 minute massage is all you need to see instant results. Use a facial oil for a hit of hydration.
10 mins 
Exfoliating gently removes dead skin cells from the surface, allowing moisturisers to function effectively. Give skin the superior care it deserves with Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash which leaves skin feeling softer and smoother after just one wash. This feels like a heavenly treat compared with my usual body wash choice.
10 mins
Apply moisturiser to skin whilst damp as it helps your skin retain its moisture. Let it soak in for a few
minutes, then towel off the excess.
10 mins
If your feet are dryer than the Sahara invest in a thick, creamy foot cream to keep them baby soft. Slather your feet in a rich moisturiser and follow by putting on a thick pair of socks. The next morning your tootsies will feel noticeably softer.
10 mins
Before bed take some time to look after your hands as the cold weather can play havoc with them. Gently massage in a cuticle oil to keep dry skin away. Pair this with a thick hand moisturiser and your mitts will feel seriously loved.

Which tip is your favourite? Will you be making the most of the extra hour with some TLC? Don't forget clocks go back October 25th!
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